Damien Jurado - Tether Guitar Chords

Damien Jurado

alternative country, chamber pop, folk-pop, freak folk

Chords: C, F

Theres a bit of a pull-off on the 4th string when playing the C at the end of each line.

C             F         C
Come oh come, come away Heather
C                      F             C   
Who is the boy that you keep by your arm?
C           F           C
Drags a cat around by a tether
C                       F            C
Who is the boy that you keep by your arm?

C               F            C
I must say that he looks not familiar
C                F               C   
Is he a stranger from some other town?
C                   F           C
The townfolk say he looks quite peculiar
C                      F         C
They've never seen his kind come around
C                    F               C
Tell me, oh tell me, will he be your husband?
C                      F               C
Will you, oh will you, will you be his bride?
C                    F                          C
Will you stay in the house and provide him with children?
C                    F              C
Are you sure he will not leave your side?

C                          F                  C
When tears fill your eyes, whom shall you run to?
C                  F            C
You can run to the house on the hill
C             F                C
In this house you will find me standing
C           F            C
By a window waiting for you

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