Damien Jurado - Shannon Rhodes Guitar Chords

Damien Jurado

alternative country, chamber pop, folk-pop, freak folk

Chords: C, Fmaj7, G/D, F(add9), F
Shannon Rhodes by Damien Jurado
Tabbed by: Craig Lange   email: cl@craiglange.com

This is my first cord/tab posting.  I couldn't find cords anywhere for this beautiful
and somber song, so I decided to give it a shot and post what I came up with.  I'm not
if this is correct, it's probably not.  So anyone with more talent or insight should add 
thoughts, please feel free to email me as well.

Standard Tuning

Capo 4th fret

    C     Fmaj7    G/D                   F(add9)

*sometimes it sounds better with the D# in on the cord I have listed as G/D.

At a few points in the song, it sounds nice to change the Fmaj7 to F(add9 (especially
there's no verse).  All you do is add the B to the Fmaj7

I don't have strings listed as open or closed because I just kind of feel it out or pick
them when I strum.  If you listen to the song while you play the first few times,
figure out where to make contact for each strum.

Note: I refer to cord names relative to the capo and individual note's relative to

C                  F          C
I drove from Montesano to Aberdeen

G/D           F          C
From Aberdeen to Pacific Beach

    F                      C
And a pocket full of wrong numbers

G/D         F                 C
Has anybody here seen Shannon Rhodes

I see her in the window of my memory
She's standing like an angel down the hall
I'll call you when I get home this evening
Has anybody here seen Shannon Rhodes

Some say that she moved in with her lover
The man that her mother could not stand
And Ma, he only hits me when he's angry
Has anybody seen Shannon Rhodes

Four miles from the highway they found her
Laying in the tall grass by the road
And she was murdered by the hands of her lover
Goodbye, goodbye, Shannon Rhodes?

Yesterday I went out to her grave site
It was the same day that her lover stood his trail
And at her grave I stood there and remembered
All of my days with her are gone.

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