Damien Jurado - Jericho Road Guitar Chords

Damien Jurado

alternative country, chamber pop, folk-pop, freak folk

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: Am, Em, G, F#
Jericho Road - Damien Jurado 
Album: Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son 

Sometimes he plays it with the capo on the 1st fret but he also plays it without 


Am / Em / G / F# 


Am                            Em 
I was made of a rainbow, so I'm told
G                             F#
By the wolves on the radio here on Jericho Road
Am                        Em
With one hand on my shoulder ,and the other on my gold
G                             F#
Document my resurrection, here on Jericho Road
Am   Em    G        F#
We are secret souls
 Am                     Em
Spent time in my tower, looking out to the sea
G                          F#
With Jericho beside me and the song that he keeps
I have nothing to give you
That you already own
G                                F#
So in time in the sorrow here on Jericho Road
Am    G    F#
We are secret told
Take the winds in the south side
I have already gone home 
G                                       F#
While being blurred from my windshield here on Jericho Road

With one hand on my shoulder, my ghost I am told

Found another fool to follow here on Jericho Road

We are secrets told


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