Damien Jurado - Dimes Guitar Chords

Damien Jurado

alternative country, chamber pop, folk-pop, freak folk

Chords: A, Asus4, Em, Em7, Bm, F#, E
* He transitions between A and Asus4, and Em and Em7 respectively throughout the 
entire song. Listen to the recording to get the timing down.

Capo 2

A Asus4 A Em Em7 Em x2
A Asus4 A Em Em7 Em Bm

Verse: (played with transitions*)
A                      Em
I've got dimes by the dozen
       A                     Em
I'm placing a call to your husband
Bm                        A  Em
Does he know about me at all

A                   Em
I hang up when he answers
 A                        Em
It's too much for me to handle
Bm                                  A  Em
What happens now, when it all goes down

 A                        Em
Gas station lights for a candle
       A                          Em
Your heart's put together then dismantled
Bm                           A   Em
Secrets are best when left unsaid

F#                                     Bm        E
The floodgates are open and you'll see me running back
    A                 F#                 Bm  E
And no one is perfect, you must admit it now

I'm in my best when you're pretending
And no paper plane is safe for landing
This is how the best all die

Holding my breath until you need me
Foraging my way into the simple
Somehow my voice was caught in the trees


The way you built this song and what they told us
Switching the lines just to confuse us
What happens now, now all goes down

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