Damien Jurado - Abilene Guitar Chords

Damien Jurado

alternative country, chamber pop, folk-pop, freak folk

Chords: G/C, C, Am, C/G
Artist: Damien Jurado
 Album: Where Shall You Take Me?
  Song: Abilene

Standard Tuning, Capo 6

G/C from 1st string to 6th: 0-1-0-0-2-3

On a couple of the Am's in this song, Damien strikes the fourth string on the second fret,
then plays the same string open, and then hits it again with his finger on the second fret.
Such is the case in the Intro, which is played like:


Play the above 3 times for the Intro before walking up to C on the fifth string like: 0-2-3

C        G/C                 Am
I fell in love with a girl of nineteen [2-0-2 on 4th as in Intro]
C             G/C    Am
A black-haired girl I called Abilene [Walk up to C on 5th]
C    G/C   Am
Young girl, where's your husband?
C            G/C            Am
Sadly, she replied, I do not have one
C                 G/C   Am
Then it's you I'll marry with your parents' permission
[humming: Am - C - G/C - Am ]

C      G/C   Am
No fine sir, they will not let me marry
For I am a young girl
   G/C                   Am
And you are a man without money
          C             G/C
Then I'll come by your window
Tonight when they both will be sleeping
[humming: Am - C - G/C - Am ]

C          G/C     Am
Outside your window in a carriage I will be waiting
       C                 G/C
They'll awake to find you gone
Open their eyes and think they're dreaming
   C              G/C
And never did they think
That their Abilene would leave them
[humming: Am - C - C/G - Am ]

C       G/C   Am
Now fine sir, where is it you shall take me?
      C               G/C
Is it in the mountains high
Or is it the deep blue sea?
[humming: Am - C - G/C - Am ]

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