Damien Dempsey - Cardboard City Guitar Chords

Damien Dempsey

alternative roots rock, irish folk, irish rock, irish singer-songwriter

Chords: E, G, A, D
Damien Dempsey

Cardboard City


        E         G         A(I)      A         D             


E - - - - G - - - - A(I) x2

Verse I:

E                         G                   A
Down on the streets & the wind was blowing hard

E                        G               A
And Cardboard City was growing yard by yard

E                                           G        A
Well the people had it bad, there lives had gone sour

E                                                  G                 A
They had been swept aside like dirt because others hungered for power


E - - - - D - - - - A 
                     Going down 

E                  D - - - - A
To Cardboard City             I'm going down

E                  D - - - - A
Ta Cardboard City             Down & out 

E                  D - - - - A
In Cardboard City

Verse II:

E                                             G            A          
What you have to understand is that they are human as well

E                                             G                  A
They are living flesh & blood there not just lost souls from hell

E                                 G                    A
They don't wanna be in big boxes, in an impoverishment

E                                              G                 A
You need some cash to get a place & you need a place to get a job

*Repeat Chorus*

Verse III:

E                      G                    A
Its a vicious circle & you cannot just bail out

E                                               G                 A
You cannot worry for about a job cause you need food in your mouth

E                                      G               A    
Just surviving day to day is about the the hardest thing

E                                              G               A
You'd get fond of the bottle if you can try to forget everything

**Repeat Chorus**


E - - - - G - - - - A


Hope it sounds good enough.

I uploaded it on youtube,

love it ! Keeping me going till Almighty Love is out !!!

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