Damh the Bard - When I Become The Moon Guitar Chords

Damh the Bard

medieval folk, neo-pagan

Chords: G, C, D
G          C                            C
I remember yesterday, when I become the moon
     G                  C                               G
When all the stars came out to play, we danced away the gloom
C        D         G              C                   D
Circled 'round the ring of stones before they fell in ruin
G              C                               G
I can hear our voices still, when I become the moon

G          C                            C
High Diana ruled the wood, traces still remain
G                     C                            G
Shared the wisdom and the herb, shared the joy and pain
C         D      G            C                         D
Echoes of life's passion play still haunt the bride and groom
G              C                                    G
But they'll be wed again someday, when I become the moon

G               C                    C
Soldiers of the holy war, holy greed command
G                     C                             G
Claimed the Earth and all her shores, stole Diana's land
C      D        G             C                     D
But in my heart there lingers still the dark of her perfume
G           C                              G
I drink the earthy wine until I become the moon

G          C                                      C
All that's left is history, and Diana's blood and bone
G              C                         G
Fragments of a mystery, her story is our own
C        D     G            C             D
But undercover of the stars her secret is exhumed
G            C                                      G
I bow before her beauty now, and I....become....the moon.

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