Dallas Davidson - Yella Acorns Guitar Chords

Chords: A, D, E, F#
A                                          D
Last year we had a bumper crop, When them white oak acorns started to drop
   E                                       A
So many I twisted my ankle walkin' to the stand
A                                          D
Everywhere you look was a sweet resentin', Bigger round than a Florida lemon
       E                                     A
Was a white tail grocery store all over the land
  A                                     D
But this spring during turkey season, Jack frost came and he went to freezin'
     E                                   A
Everything with a bumble bee, a bud or a bloom
     A                                          D
Then summer came and there weren't no rain,Everybody said what a cryin' shame
        E                              A
And the DNR predicted deer season was doomed
     F#                                   D
Well me and my buddies we got to thinking Sittin' around one night drinking
A                             E
How we gonna fill up our deer tags
       F#                                     D
Then a light went off I started to grin, I remembered 'bout my big grain bin
We started fillin' up fifty pound bags
         A                    D
Of them yella acorns They're worth their weight in gold
          E                                         A
Im gonna have more meat than my old deep freeze can hold
              A                             D
With all them yella acorns you'll have them eatin' from your hands
           E                          A
Just don't get yourself busted by the man
    A                               D
We filled us up a dump truck load My farm looked like the yella brick road
E                                       A
Ain't this much corn in Nebraska or Illinois
Then a monster buck he come a sniffin around
I was about to lay that old hammer down
       E                                      A
When i heard a voice say "Get down from there, boy!"
Well I showed the warden my warnin' sign
That I posted up on my property line that said
E                                            A
This here corns to feed the birds and the squirrels aight
 A                                D                                E
Let me make just one thing clear, Any deer caught feedin' here is trespassin'
And will be shot on sight
             F#                                D
And then he slipped them cuffs around my arms, Took all I had except the farm
A                              E
Took my truck my gun, took my cold beer
        F#                         D
Now the only deer that I see is on TV and in the magazines
And I learned my lesson and now im steerin' clear
        A                      D
Of them yella acorns, They'll land your butt in jail
     E                                         A
This orange jumpsuit ain't worth an ol' white tail
A                              D
Yella acorns you'll have them eatin' from your hands
           E                          A
Just don't get yourself busted by the man

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