Dale Watson - Legends Guitar Chords

Dale Watson

alternative country, country rock, cowboy western, nashville sound

Chords: A, D, E, A#, D#, E#
A       D           E        A
No more Branded Man, no more Man in Black
A       D                       E
No more Possum, what if no more Jones
A         D             E          A
Picture a world without Willie, or Waylon around
D            E           A
When all our legends are gone

E                         D
Each time one slips away, we say man, they were great
A                                        E
Wish I'd went to seem them at their last show
E                           D
Radio may have buried them, while they're here let's cherish them
A              E           A
Before all our legends are gone

Modulate 1/2 step

A#          D#        E#               A#
Kitty and Loretta and Tammy, let's not forget her
A#            D#                             E#
Jerry Lee and Ray Price, they're still going strong
A#        D#              E#                            A#
Picture a world without Hank Thompson, Charlie Pride or Buck around
D#           E#          A#
When all our legends are gone

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