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Dakona formed in the mid-'90s when Ryan McAllister and his cousin, John Biondolillo, teamed up with their friends Shane Dueck and Brook Winstanley. Spending their free time rehearsing in an old barn, Dakona played any gig they could get, including opening for a sex therapist, something that surprised McAllister. When he and the rest of Dakona showed up for the gig, they saw a microphone. Believing it was a minimalist band, they didn't think anything of it. When the sex therapist hit the stage, Dakona found it funny. Things went uphill from there. Dakona formed a strong following throughout Canada and surrounding border towns. Their D.I.Y. work ethic paid off a year later when they released "Good Enough for Me" to good reviews. In 2000, they followed it up with "Ordinary Heroes." After signing with Maverick, they agreed to work with producer Arnold David Lanni, best-known for his work with Our Lady Peace, one of McAllister's favorites. Dakona left the sessions early -- seeking to "grow" as a band. Next, they landed in the studio of Grammy Award-winning producer Rob Cavallo (Goo Goo Dolls). After 18 days in the studio, Dakona finished what would become Perfect Change. ~ Christina Fuoco, Rovi
Genres: grunge pop

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Perfect Change Acoustic