Daisy Dares You - Number One Enemy Guitar Chords

Chords: D, Am, C, G
Daisy dares you: Number one enemy  http://www.myspace.com/daisydaresyoumusic

This is my first tab, it works for me let me know if it works for you and any 
changes you might have made :)

D      Am         C                  G
you always think to say but in this case you could be wrong

D     Am                          C                 G 
you chuck off your shoes with a empty smile on your face
  D                            Am                        C            
What is the problem with you? your constantly in a mood and you gotta shake
it off  it's getting on top of you again.
    D                  Am                   C             
Everything that i say is the icing on the cake and you gotta laugh at it
and put it behind you, put it behind you...


  D                   Am                                   C
STOP!  i'm not your number one enemy, i'm not your number one enemy
         G                                           D
if you wanna be a part of me... i'm not your number one enemy

Verse 2 

 D              Am                    C                      G
So, now you've got this far do you really wanna start again on your own
 D        Am                               C              G
you say your eternally scarred but it's nothing we can't fix why your

at home.
 D                        Am                                   C    
I'm not your number one enemy, all that you seem to be getting me
a little confused by the way that your treating me again
 D                          Am                            C
we get along every now and then, we need to tie up the loose ends
I know that it will be alright, lets stay home and talk tonight...

Chorus X2

Verse 3 (you strum this for longer) 
  D                 Am                             C
I,I,I. I may be the one to blame sometimes, but i want it like it was 
before. Like it was once before.
D                               Am                    
And you,you,you. You're stuck inbetween what you want and whats the right
                C                                  G
thing to do, i want it like it was before like it was once before...

(if you want to do the rapping bit it is exactly the same as the verses 1&2)

Chorus X2

The end!

Hope i helped youu :)

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