D.S.S - Ganja Farmer Guitar Chords

Chords: C#, Bbm, Ebm, G#
First time publishing a song I have worked out!
 thought it strange that such an amazing song hadnt 
been put up here before... The song is not difficult, 
but the most important thing about playing this song, 
which can take some practice, is to listen to the rhythm 
and be strict with the muting it makes the whole song 
sound so much clearer.


Standard Tuning: EADGBe

no capo


C# \slide down the frets before triple flicking the body of the guitar


C#       Bbm
  Yes Im a Ganja Planter
Ebm      G#         
  Call me a Ganja farmer

This chord pattern is then repeated through the song

hope that was helpful

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