Coldplay - Sparks Guitar Chords


permanent wave, pop

Song versions: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Chords: Em, G/B, A#, C#, C#m, CM, GM, Asus4
Capo: 6th
1st string: B

Em B5th G/B A#/C# C#m CM
GM Bmbb5

(*WAIT, not as complicated as it seems, mostly only need two fingers & max 3 
fingers, really!! Check bellow!)

B5th: 024000
G/B: 025000
A#.CF: 047000
C#m: 042000
CM: 032000
GM: 320030
Bmbb5: 022030

Asus4: x02230

GM               Bmbb5
Did I drive you away 
GM                      Bmbb5
Well I know what you'll say
  Asus4           GM      Bmbb5
Oh sing one you know
GM                 Bmbb5
But I promise you this
GM                Bmbb5     Asus4
I'll always look out for you
That's what I'll do

              Em B5th G/B A#/C# C#m CM
       And say I
             Em B5th G/B A#/C# C#m CM 
       I say I

GM Bmbb5 (4x)

GM            Bmbb5
My heart is yours
GM             Bmbb5     Asus4
Its you that I hold on to
              GM    Bmbb5   GM
That's what I do
And I know I was wrong
GM                   Bmbb5    
But I won't let you down
Oh yeah I will yeah I will
Yes I will 

              Em B5th G/B A#/C# C#m CM 
       I said I
             Em B5th G/B A#/C# C#m CM 
       I cry I
               GM     Bmbb5
       I saw sparks      (x4)

GM     Bmbb5   GM     
Aa.. aa..aa.. aaaa aa.. aa...  (x4)

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