Coldplay - Amsterdam Guitar Chords


permanent wave, pop

Song versions: 1 2 3 4 5
Chords: D, A, E, G, E7
                             Amsterdam - Coldplay

Tabbed by:~*loni*~

standard tuning
capo 1st fret

this is sorta a little "rendition" of the piano intro, listen to the song
to get the timing right...

   D        A     E      G
G|--2----2---2-2-2--1-----0---0----|  x3 

D        A        E           G
Come on, oh my star is fading
D       A         E         G
And I swerve out of control
D   A     E              G
If I, if I'd only waited
D        A         E               G
I'd not be stuck here in this hole.

*play intro and repeat verse*

E                    G
But time is on your side
              D        A 
It's on your side now
E7                        G    
Not pushing you down and all around
          D         A 
It's no cause for concern

*intro again and verse*

*chorus till end* 

and there you have it. it should be right. enjoy!

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