Cold Chisel - Bow River Guitar Chords

Cold Chisel

australian pop, australian rock

Song versions: 1 2 3 4
Chords: G7, Am, Dm, C, F, Em
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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:42:56 +1100
From: Russell & Charlie 
To: Olga 
Subject: PRO: c/cold_chisel/bow_river

Song: Bow River
By: Cold Chisel
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards

Comment: The chords have been worked out from a bass point-of-view. So
the designation of majors, minors and 7th's may be wrong.

[NC]Listen now to the wind babe
Listen now to the rain
I feel that water lickin' at my feet again
I don't want to see this town no more
Wastin' my days on the factory floor
First thing you know	[live version repeats these lines]
I'll be back in Bow River again	[live version repeats these lines]

[G7] [Am]
Any time you [Am]want babe
You can come [Dm]around
[F]Only six days [Em]separates me
>From the [Am]great top end
I've been workin' [Am]hard
Twelve hours a [Dm]day
And the [F]money I [Em]save
Won't buy my [Am]youth again

I'm going for the [Am]heat wave
And the tropical [Dm]rain
And a [F]place where no man's [Em]
Puttin' on the [Am]dog for me
I'm waitin' on the weekend
Set of brand new [Dm]tyres
I'm [F]back in Bow [F/C]River
[Em]Just where I [Em/B]wanna be[Am]


[Am]Listen now to the wind babe
Listen now to the rain [Am/C] [Am/E]
I feel that water lickin' at my feet again
I [Am]don't wanna [Bm]see this [Cm]town no [Dm]more
[Dm]Too many [Em]years made [Fm]up my [Gm]mind
[Am]To go or [Bm]stay
[Cm]Right to my [Dm]dying [Em]day
I [Am]don't wanna [Cm]see another [Dm]engine [Em]line
[Dm]Too many [Em]years and I [Fm]owe my [Gm]mind
The [F]first set of [F/C]wheels
And [Em]back in Bow [Em/B]River again[Am]

First [F]thing you [F/C]know
I'll be [Em]back in Bow [Em/B]River again[Am]


[Am] [G7] [Am]
[Dm] [C] [Dm]

[F] [Em] [Am]

[Am] [G7] [Am]
[Dm] [C] [Dm]

[F] [Em] [Am]

[Am] [Dm] [F] [Em] [Am]		x 4

I got the motor [Am]runnin'
I got the rest of my [Dm]days
I [F]sold everything I [Em]own
For just a [Am]song
So any time you want babe		(Oh, Oh, Oh)
You can come [Dm]around		(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
But don't [F]leave it too [F/C]late
[Em]You just might [Em/B]find me [Am]gone


I don't [Am]need the [Bm]score
I'm [Cm]goin' through the [Dm]door
I'm [Em]gonna tell the [Fm]man
I don't [Gm]want no [Am]more
[Am]Pick up a [Bm]fast car
And [Cm]burn my [Dm]name in the [Em]road

[Am]One week, [Bm]two week
[Cm]Maybe even [Dm]more
[Dm]I'll piss all the [Em]money
[Fm]Up against the damn [Gm]wall
First [F]thing you [F/C]know			)
I'll be [Em]back in Bow [Em/B]River [Am]again	) x 3

Ascending Am scale

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