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Cody Simpson


One summer in Venice, inspiration washed over Cody Simpson like a force of nature. Between early morning surf sessions, reading and writing poetry under the bright California sun, and jamming for friends and passersby at midnight rooftop gatherings, he experienced the kind of season Bruce Brown immortalized in The Endless Summer. As with any season, change came with the passage of time. Following the release of his 2015 independent full-length Free, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist underwent a series of creative and personal revelations that inform his new band Cody Simpson & The Tide.
Joined by drummer Adrian Cota and bassist Shareef Addo, Cody wrote the songs comprising Wave One. For the first time, the multi-talented artist hopped behind the board and personally produced and recorded the set at studios in Santa Monica, Newport Beach, and Hollywood, preserving the vision’s integrity in the process. In order to give the full scope of that vision, he releases the project in its entirety during the fall of 2017, eschewing a standard single plan.
In the end, the Tide represents Cody at heart.
“The reason behind the name was I wanted this body of work to be an audio replication of what the Tide is as an element of nature,” he leaves off. “During that one summer, I had so many revelatory experiences. I wanted to be an exemplar of the Tide’s flow. It was about taking people back to that primitive innocence and being able to appreciate that. Music is the best vehicle to do so.”
Genres: australian pop, dance pop, pop, post-teen pop, teen pop, viral pop

Guitar Chords:

All Day
Angel (ver. 2)
Angel (ver. 3)
Angel (ver. 4)
Angel (ver. 5)
Awake All Night
Awake All Night (ver. 2)
Awake All Night (ver. 3)
Back To You
Back To You (ver. 2)
Be The One
Children Of The Ocean
Crazy But True
Crazy But True (ver. 2)
Dont Cry Your Heart Out
Dont Cry Your Heart Out (ver. 2)
Driftwood (ver. 2)
Evenings In London Melvins Room Reimagined
Evenings In London Melvins Room Reimagined (ver. 2)
Got Me Good
Happy Lil Hippie
Happy Lil Hippie (ver. 2)
If You Left Him For Me
Imma Be Cool
Im Your Friend
Im Your Friend (ver. 2)
Iyiyi (ver. 2)
Iyiyi (ver. 3)
Iyiyi (ver. 4)
La Da Dee
La Da Dee (ver. 2)
Livin Easy
Love (ver. 2)
Love So Strong
New Problems
Not Just You
Not Just You (ver. 2)
Not Just You (ver. 3)
Not Just You (ver. 4)
On My Mind
On My Mind (ver. 2)
On My Mind (ver. 3)
On My Mind (ver. 4)
On My Mind (ver. 5)
Palm Of Your Hand
Palm Of Your Hand (ver. 2)
Paradise (ver. 2)
Perfect (ver. 2)
Please Come Home For Christmas
Pretty Brown Eyes
Pretty Brown Eyes (ver. 2)
Pretty Brown Eyes (ver. 3)
Rainy Day
Round Of Applause
Sinkin In
So Listen
Still Smiling
Summertime (ver. 2)
Summertime (ver. 3)
Summertime Of Our Lives
Summertime Of Our Lives (ver. 2)
Super Beach Kids
Tell Me Why
Thotful (ver. 2)
Wish U Were Here
Wish U Were Here (ver. 2)
Wish U Were Here (ver. 3)
Wish U Were Here (ver. 4)