Clint Black - Something That We Do Guitar Chords

Clint Black

contemporary country, country, country gospel, country road

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Subject: Something that we do - Clint Black

Something That We Do  Clint Black
Transcribed by Dirk Cushenbery (

I re[G]member well the day[D] we wed
I can[C] see that picture in[G] my head
I [C]still believe the words[G] we said
For[am]ever will ring true[D]
[G]Love is certain, [D]love is kind
[C]Love is yours and love[G] is mine
But it [C]isn't somethin' that[G] we find
It's [am]somethin' that [D]we do[G]

It's [G]holdin' tight, let[D]tin' go
It's [C]flyin' high and lay[G]in' low
[C]Let your strongest feel[G]in' show
[am]And your weekness too[D]
It's a lit[G]tle and alot[D] to ask
An end[C]less and a wel[G]come task
Love is[C]n't somethin' that[G] we have
It's [am]somethin' that[D] we do[G]

[C]We helped to make eachother all[G] that we can be
Though we can [am]find our strength and inspiration[G] independently
The way[C] we work together is what sets[G] our love apart
So[Bb] closely that we can't tell where I end[am] and where you [D]start

It[G] gives me heart re[D]memberin' how
We [C]started with a [G]simple vow
There's [C]so much to look back[G] on now
[am]Still it feels brand new[D]
We're [G]on a road that [D]has no end
And [C]each day we be[G]gin again
Love's [C]not just somethin' that [G]we're in
It's [am]somethin' that[D] we do[G]


[G]Love is wide, [D]love is long     [C]Love is deep and love[G] is strong
[C]Love is why I love[G] this song  [am] And I hope you love it too[D]

I re[G]member well the day[D] we wed.  I can [C]see that picture in[G] my head
Love [C]isn't just those words[G] we said.   It's some[am]thin' that [D]we do[G]
[C]There's no request too big[G] or small.  We give[am] ourselves, we
give[G] our all
Love[am] isn't someplace [G]that we fall[C].  It's [am]somethin' that[D] we

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