Clint Black - Put Yourself In My Shoes Guitar Chords

Clint Black

contemporary country, country, country gospel, country road

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: D, A, F#, F#7, F9, E9, A6, B13, C#7, F#m, B7, D7, E7, Eb7
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Put Yourself in My Shoes
recorded by Clint Black
notated by Greg Vaughn (

Intro: D D#dim7/ A F# F#7(#9)/F9 E9/A6/
(slashes separate measures in 4/4)

A6                              B13
Your mind is made up you won't even try
    D                    A
You didn't even cry this time
A6                              B13
You say that we can never see eye to eye
    D                      A
And one of us just must be blind
D                              C#7
We have our differences, we're still the same
F#m                        B7
See what we all want to see
    A                                                B7
But you take a second look and maybe things wouldn't seem the same
             F9           E9        A
If you could see what you mean to me

D7                A
Put yourself in my shoes
D7                A
Walk a mile for me
D7                      A
I'll put myself in your shoes
B7              E7
Maybe then we'd see
Eb7 D7                          A
That if you'd put yourself in my shoes
      D7               A
You'd have some sympathy
       D            D#dim7        A         F# F#7(#9)
And if I could only put myself in your shoes
        F9         E9        A
I would walk right back to me

You're gonna keep walkin' and you're gonna pass me by
You say you don't even care
But I could always recognize a real goodbye
And I know your heart's not there
We've had our differences, we're still the same
Hear what we all want to hear
Now I'm head over heels in the lost and found it's a cryin' shame
I thought we made a perfect pair

Now, I'm still in the process of learning this, but here are the
chords that work best so far. You can leave off the chord alterations
and just play the basic triad for a simpler version.

D       D#dim7  A       F#      F#7(#9) F9      E9      A6
======  ======  ======  ======  ======  ======  ======  ======
:1|||:5 :||1|:5 :|||115 :1||2:8 :|2||:7 :|2||:7 :|2||:6 :||1|:6
:||||:  :2|||:  :||2||  :||3|:  :1|3|:  :1|34:  :1|34:  :|2|3:
:|333:  :|3|4:  :|3|||  :|4||:  :|||4:

B13     C#7     F#m     B7      D7      E7      Eb7
======  ======  ======  ======  ======  ======  ======
1|1||17 :1|1|14 1||1112 :1|1|12 :1|1|15 :1|1|17 :1|1|16
|||2||  :|||||  ||||||  :|||||  :|||||  :|||||  :|||||
|3||4|  :|3|4|  |34|||  :|3|4|  :|3|4|  :|3|4|  :|3|4|

Note: colons mean not to play the string and the number to the right
means the fret number.

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