Clint Black - Killing Time Guitar Chords

Clint Black

contemporary country, country, country gospel, country road

Chords: F, C, G, D, G7
Killin' Time
Words and Music by
Clint Black and
Hayden Nicholas

F --- C --- G

You were the [G]first thing that I thought of
when I thought I drank you off my [C]mind.
When I get lost in the [G]liquor
you're the only one I [D]find.
If I [G]did the things I oughta
you still would not be [C]mine
So I keep a tight grop on the [G]bottle
gettin [D]loose and killing [G]time.

This [G7]killin [C]time ------ is killin [G]me.
Drinkin myself [D]blind ------ thinkin I won't [G]see
that if I [G7]cross that [C]line
and they bur-y [G] ------
well, I ust might [F]find
I'll be killin [C]time for eterni[G]ty.

F ----- C ------- G

I don't know [G]nothin bout tommorow,
I've been lost in yester[C]day.
I spent all my life just [G]dying for
a love that passed a [D]way.
There's an [G]end to all my sorrow
this is the only price I'll [C]pay.
I'll be a happy man when [G]I go,
and I can [D]wait another [G]day.

Yes, I just might [F]find I'll be killin [C]time for eterni[C]ty.

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