Clint Black - Good Run Of Bad Luck Guitar Chords

Clint Black

contemporary country, country, country gospel, country road

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: E, D, A, G
                        GOOD RUN OF BAD LUCK
written by: Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas
performed by:Clint Black on "No Time to Kill"

{Intro played on acoustic see below]

D 2 2   2 2bb 22 0 2
A     0           0
     D                 A                 E
1.A high roller even when the chips are down
             D                   A            E
  To win her over, I'd seen the tables turn around
                 D               A             E
  She's ten the hard way, I can feel it in my bones
                    D           A                  E
  She'll be making my day, and not another night alone
                         G            A                       E
  'Till it's time for a windfall and not a single minute too soon
             D            E                   A
  I've been too long overdue, now I'm gonna shoot the moon

C.I'd bet it all on a good run of bad luck
  Seven come eleven and she could be mine
   E                                       D             A      E
  Luck be a lady, and I'm gonna find love comin' on the bottom line
                   D               A            E
2.I've been to the table, and I've lost it all before
                   D              A               E
  I'm willing and able, always coming back for more
                      D                   A                    E
  Squeezing out a thin dime 'til there's no one hanging on my arm
                         D         A                        E
  I've gambled on a third time, a fool will tell you it's a charm
                       G           A                   E
  If I'm bettin' on a loser, I'm gonna have a devil to pay
              D             E                    A
  But it's the only game I know to play, it doesn't matter anyway

Repeat Chorus twice

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