Cliff Eberhardt - That Kind Of Love Guitar Chords

Cliff Eberhardt

contemporary folk

Chords: E, E9, A, A6, C#m, B, F#
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From: (Rick L)
Subject: Cliff Eberhardt      That Kind Of Love      Chords/Lyrics
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 03:17:51 GMT

Cliff Eberhardt  That Kind Of Love written by Cliff Eberhardt

E          E9             E    E9
No sailboat  no deep blue sea
       E  E9              E  E9
Candlelight  just you and me
   A       A6          A   A6
No islands just jungel beat
          E          E9             E      E9
Just warm wet nights    in the city streets
Just your eyes and mine
B                            E E9  E E9
No moon above  that kind of love
E                   E9            E   E9
I can hear the noise  as I try to sleep
              E  E9               E E9
Hear your voice    making love to me
                A   A6        A    A6
I can hear some fool   on a balcony
                E    E9          E E9
Just shakespear drunk    some poetry
I think I knew
          B                        E  E9
What your dreaming of that kind of love
          A                                 E
Everybody worries everybody runs  everybody runs
          A                 F#
Everybody searches somebody settles
Everybody wants to be in love
       E    E9        E E9
No big house   no big hill
          E E9         E   E9
Little rooms    no big thrills
       A  A6        A    A6
Summer hot   winter chill
       E   E9          E E9
I love you    I always will
C#m              B
Tounge and cheek hand in glove
C#m                  B
Do you know what I'm thinking of
             E    E9
That kind of love

  From The Long Road
  Windham Hill Records 1990
  Aixoise Music/Eberhardt Music (ASCAP)

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