Chuck Berry - The Man And The Donkey Guitar Chords

Chuck Berry

blues-rock, christmas, classic rock, folk rock

Chords: G, C, D7
Recorded in August 1961 in the same session as 'Come On' and 'Brown-eyed handsome man'.

From  'The complete chess recordings 1960-1966'


[Verse 1]
Down the road came a tired little donkey,
            C                         G
Much he was loaded 'til his head hung down.
Up on the back so heavy set a big man, 
G               D7                        G  
 Singin' such a sad song, as he rode into town.

[Verse 2]
And the man, the man sing to the donkey,
                   C                           G
But he sing such a sad song, and the guitar he broke.
The donkey stop, the man reach he get a big jug,
G            D7                       G 
 Him and the donkey take a sip o' the drink.

[Verse 3]
Down the road, oh the dancing donkey,
              C                         G
Head swingin' so high, all the pain now gone.
The man he sing, some song was a gay song,
G              D7                    G
And the little donkey kept a-dancin' on.

G   C    G    D7    G

[Verse 4]
Way down the road go the man and the donkey,
G                 C                      G 
 So good feel the donkey, so gay was the man.
How plain when the wind blow was the sound of the gay song,
G                     D7                     G
 When the man and the donkey a'kept a-movin' on 

         G     C
Down the road (FADE...)

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