Chuck Berry - Rock And Roll Music Guitar Chords

Chuck Berry

blues-rock, christmas, classic rock, folk rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: E, D, G, A7, A
                            Artist: Chuck Berry
                            Song: Rock'n'Roll Music

E                                         D
   Just let me here some of that (chorus:)rock and roll music, any old way
               G                                       D
you choose it. It's got a backbeat you can't loose it, any old time you use
         A7                           E                         
it. It's gotta be rock and roll music if you want to dance with me, If you
                   D                             A                     
want to dance with me. I've got no kick against modern jazz. Unless you try
        D                G                                 A7
to play too darn fast. I loose the beauty of the melody, untill it sounds
just like a symphany. That's why I go for that (chorus) I took my love on
      A                              E            D           
over 'cross the tracks, so she could here a man a wailin' sax. I must admit
they had a rock'n band. And they were blow'n like a hurrican.And started
                                               A                     E
play'n that (chorus) Way down south they had a jubilee. Them Goragia folks
           D                 G                                         A7
they had a jamboree. They're drinking home brew from a wooden cup. The folks
dancing all shook up, and started play'n that (chorus)


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