Chuck Berry - Darlin Guitar Chords

Chuck Berry

blues-rock, christmas, classic rock, folk rock

Chords: Db, Ab, Ebm, Bbm, Eb

[Verse 1]
Ab                           Db              Ab
Darlin'your Father's growing older, each year
                    Ebm         Db  Ab   Bbm Ab Db
Strands of gray are showing bolder, come here
             Ab   Ebm     Db               Ab
And lay your head upon my shoulder, my dear
The time is passing fast away

[Verse 2]
Ab        Db   Ab           Ebm         Db    Ab   Db Ab
There has been many sundown that I have seen, come by
                    Ebm       Db        Ab
Since you were just sweet sixteen, and I
  Db          Ab         Eb             Db   Ab Db Ab
I have played these same songs of yesterday, oh my
                 Eb         Db
How the time has passed away

[Verse 3]
Ab                                         Eb
Yes, there's been fame and there's been fortune
                 Db       Ab  Db   Ab
But there's been heartache combined
        Eb       Ab             Db          Ab Db
Hear me now as I cry Oh! loving fans of mine
               Ab   Eb         Db               Ab
The good times come but not to stay, you'll find
                         Db   Ab
Time will take them fast away

Db  Ab  Db  Ab          Db  Ab
Woooo,  Woooo,  Woooo,  Woooo
Db  Ab  Db Ab           Db  Ab
Woooo,  Wooo,   Woooo,  Woooo

Db                  Ab                 Db    Ab  Db   Ab
Darlin', hear these words and true are they, my  dear
Life can pass so fast away

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