Christy Moore - Mary From Dungloe Guitar Chords

Christy Moore

celtic, irish folk

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: F, C, G, Em
Original by Pádraig MacCumhail 1936
Shortened version (this version) by Colm O'Laughlin

Numerous covers

Capo wherever you want to put it
its comfortable for me vocally in standard tuning, but depends on your voice.

time signature 4/4

chords and patterns
xx3211 F 43212343
x32010 C 54312353
320033 G 64312353
022000 Em not picked (single whole note strum of strings 6,5 & 4)

intro, doesn't need it, but the first 7 bars would work, and you could hum to it also

C G F G F C Em
C G F G F C Em
C G F C C G C (or optionally F for last verse) C

last bar of C is just a C note string 5 fret 3 (next verse lyrics start on the last beat of this bar)

good symmetry for easy memory, first 3 bars the same,
and first and last lines thes same (excluding the bar of C note that joins the verses)
as well as middle two

         C       G           F   C        C      G        C
Oh, then fare ye well, sweet Donegal, the Rosses and Gwee-dore.
    C        G        F G               F       C       Em
I'm crossing the main o-cean, where the foaming billows roar,
   C         G          F      G             F          C     Em
it breaks my heart from you to part, where I spent many happy days.
     C       G       F  C             C           G     C     C
Fare-well to kind re-la-tions for I'm bound for A-mer-i-kay.
         C     G         F         C         C         G    C
Oh, then Mary, you're my hearts de-light, my pride and only care,
   C        G     F   G        F       C       Em
it was your cruel father would not let me stay there.
    C       G         F          G        F        C        Em
But absence makes the heart grow fond and when I'm o'er the main,
        C        G       F       C         C    G      C     C
may the Lord pro-tect my darling girl till I re-turn a-gain.

      C        G      F         C        C      G      C     
And I wished I was in sweet Dun-gloe and seated on the grass.
    C     G      F         G        F     C      Em
And by my side a bottle of wine and on my knee a lass.
    C        G      F      G            F      C      Em
I'd call for liquor of the best and I'd pay be-fore I go
        C       G    F     C           C       G         F     C
and I'd roll my Mary in my arms in the town of sweet Dun-gloe.

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