Christy Moore - Joxer Goes To Stuttgart Guitar Chords

Christy Moore

celtic, irish folk

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: C, F, G
Diddly aye stuff

C                                F
It was in the year of '88 in the lovely month of June
When the gadflies were swarming and dogs howling at the moon
C                                    F
With rosary beads and sandwiches for Stuttgart we began
G                                                        C
Joxer packed his German phrasebook and jumpleads for the van

Some of the lads had never been away from home before
G                                                            C
'Twas the first time Whacker put his foot outside of Inchicore
Before we left for Europe we knew we'd need a plan
                      C             G                   F G
So we all agreed that Joxer was the man to drive the van

C                         F
In Germany the autobahn, 'twas like the Long Mile Road
There was every make of car and van all carrying the full load
C                              F
Ford Transits and Hiaces and a Bedford from Tralee
G                                                 C
With the engine overheating from longhauling duty free

There was fans from Ballyfermot, Ballybough and Ballymun
G                                                     C
On the journey of a lifetime, and the craic was ninety-one
Joxer met a German's daughter on the banks of the river Rhine
                         C          G                  F    G
And he told her she'd be welcome in Ballyfermot any time

C                                 F
Next morning none of the experts, gave us the slightest chance
They said the English team would lead us on a merry dance
C                                               F
With their Union Jacks all them English fans for victory they were set
G                                                      C
Until Ray Houghton got the ball and he stuck it in the net

                               F                        G
What happened next is history, brought tears to many eyes
That day will be the highlight of many people's lives
Joxer climbed right over the top and the last time he was seen
                C                      G                     F   G
arm in arm with Jack Charlton singing, Revenge for Skibereen

C                                F
Now Whacker's back in Inchicore, he's living with his mam
And Jack Charlton has been proclaimed an honorary Irishman
C                                             F
Do you remember that German's daughter on the banks of the river Rhine
Well, didn't she show up in Ballyfermot last week and ...

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