Christy Moore - Continental Ceili Guitar Chords

Christy Moore

celtic, irish folk

Chords: C, F, G7, G, D, D7
Over in McCann's there's a grand type of dance band a'playin'

And they're spinning out the continental ceilidh

They're comin' in their cars from the bars

Over in Leitir and Killane

Just to hear the famous Gunter Reynolds playing
Out the star of Munster with Hans O'Donoghue
Neatly rappin' out a tango on the spoons

Such commotion will act like a lotion on the struttin'
         G7                 C
At the continental ceili tonight.

Wolfgang's playin' on the comb someone shouts at him: "go home!"

Klaus is playin' a slow air on the bodhran

Quinn from Corofin his fiddle tucked beneath his chin S-s-h-h

He's goin' to play the "Bogs of Oranmore" now
An auld fashioned lady begins to sing a song
Ah, lads, a bit of order over there

Clarinbridge for the chowder keep your powder dry
          G7                 C
At the continental ceilidh tonight.

Ciaran closes his eye's pretends he's in disguise
      F                         C
When he sees an old flame comin over
He's singing for the Swedes in their tweeds

Doin' all he can to please
    F                           D
The night's at such a delicate stage
Later on he'll give an audience to one of them or two
       F                                     C
He'll sing the Dyin' Swan to touch their feelings
   D7                                                    G7
Tonight's his night and tomorrow night will be just the same.

Ada let me out to the bar where the boys are goin' far

And they're spinnin' out the continental ceili

Never mind the liquor the music's in my soul

So long as I can hear the band a'playin'
The pipes and the flutes and the fiddles are in tune
Whoo, I'd love to meet a European girl

Ada now me head is goin' light and the band is playin' tight
        G7                  C
At the continental ceilidh tonight.

All the publicans are there it's like a hirin' fair
           F                            C
Tryin' to figure out how much McCann is makin'
To keep their pubs outta Stubbs, they're lashin' out big subs
      F                  D
In a burst of fierce anticipation
Moguls from Mukhill are starin' at the till
 F                              C
Tryin' to get a low down on the line up
They'll be buyin' free porter for members of the band
At the continental ceilidh tonight.


Repeat 1st verse


Instrumental part


Repeat 1st verse

At the continental (G)ceilidh to(C)night.


Instrumental outro

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