Chris Tomlin - Symphony Guitar Chords

Chris Tomlin

ccm, christian alternative rock, christian music, christian rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: Em, C, G, D, Am7, G/B
Standard Tuning

Verse 1

Em                 C
Shining wonders, fields of splendor
          G           D
How they sing Your symphony
       Em              C
The deepest oceans, rising mountains
          G           D
How they sing Your symphony

Chorus 1

          C                   D
Let the earth fear the Lord
              C                  D
And all the people of the world
         C G D           C G D
Stand in awe, stand in awe

Verse 2

     Em                C
My heart's ovation, Yours forever
        G               D
I will sing, sing Your praise
      Em            C
Let every nation under heaven
            G               D
Shout Your name, sing Your praise

Chorus 2

      Am7           G/B            D
In symphony with all created things
 Am7                 G/B                D
Sing the song that we were made to sing
            C G D              C G D
We stand in awe, we stand in awe


 C               Em
All the angels, all the heavens
 D             G/B             C
Every people, every nation
 Em            D
Crying out to You
 C                Em
In the skies and in the oceans
 D                  G/B                 C
Everything that's living, breathing
 Em             D
A symphony to You
  C                 Em
There will be no greater song
         D                   G/B            C
In the heights above or the earth below
  Em             D
Jesus, all for You

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