Chris Tomlin - Majesty Of Heaven Guitar Chords

Chris Tomlin

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Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: C2, G, Em7, Dsus, D, C
Chris Tomlin - Majesty of Heaven - Capo 3:

C2 3rd Fret (6th fret from top when you add the capo on 3rd fret):
|*| | | |
|*| | | |
|*| |*| |
|*| |*| |
|*| | | |
| | | | |

Intro: C2, G, C2, G

Verse 1:
C2          G         C2
Majesty of Heaven
	             G 			               C2
Your glory fills the skies	
Light of the World 
        Dsus		          D
You are Lord of all
C2		               G 		     C2
Humbled by your presence	
           G			           C2
Amazed by who You are
Nothing compares        
        Dsus                     D
You are Lord of all

G           C
To You, the nations bow down
G         C
To You, Creation cries out
Em7  Dsus    
G               C
All things you hold together
G	              C
Your Name will stand forever
Em7   Dsus
Em7         Dsus
You are, Majesty

Verse 2:
C2		           G	        C2
Merciful and Mighty
               G	                	C2
My heart is overwhelmed
You stand alone
        Dsus        D
You are Lord of all

Verse 3:
G         C
Your name above all others
Em7       Dsus
High and exalted
G		                   C	
Your kingdom shall reign forever
Em7	      Dsus
High and exalted

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3

I played this by ear so tell me what you think! I am open to corrections!

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