Chris Tomlin - Jesus Messiah Guitar Chords

Chris Tomlin

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Chords: G/B, Am7, G, C2, G/D, Dsus, G/E
G/B       x20003
Am7(add4) x05530(This chord occurs in the intro and bridge)
G         320003
Am7       x02010
C2        x30013(This is the C2 used throughout the whole song, excluding the tag)
G/D       xx0003
Dsus      xx0233
G/E       020003
C2        x32033(This is the C2 that occurs in the Tag)

G/B       Am7

[Verse 1]
G                 Am7
He became sin who knew no sin
     G/B                 C2
That we might become His righteousness
   G                   Am7
He humbled himself and carried the cross
G/D            C2   G/D            C2
   Love so amaz-ing      Love so a-mazing

          G                    C2
Jesus Messiah   Name above all    names
             G             Dsus
Blessed Redeemer   Emmanuel
The Rescue for sinners
The Ransom from heaven
         G/B  Dsus           G
Jesus Messiah     Lord of all

[Verse 2]
G                      Am7
His body the bread His blood the wine
G/B                   C2
Broken and poured out all for love
    G                            Am7
The whole earth trembled and the veil was torn
G/D           C2    G/D            C2
   Love so amaz-ing      love so a-mazing

        Am7           G/B
All our hope is in You
          C2          Dsus
All our hope is in You
       Am7                G/B
All the glo--ry to You    God
C2               Dsus
The Light of the World

G/E      G/D   Dsus           C2
Jesus Messiah      Lord of all
The Lord of all      The Lord of all

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