Chris Tomlin - Be Glorified Chris Tomlin Guitar Chords

Chris Tomlin

ccm, christian alternative rock, christian music, christian rock

Chords: G, C2, Fsus2, D, Am7, Em7, G/B, C
G C2 Fsus2 C2 (2x)
G    C2       Fsus2    C2 
Your love has captured me
G    C2        D           
Your grace has set me free
G    C2        Fsus2 C2      
Your life the air I breathe
Am7          D      G
 Be glorified in me                
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You set my feet to dancing
You set my heart on fire
In the presence of a thousand kings
You are my one desire
And I stand before You now
     Em7       D            C2   
With trembling hands lifted high
 Be glorified              
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   G/B      C   D      
Be glorified in me (4x)

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