Chris Tomlin - America Guitar Chords

Chris Tomlin

ccm, christian alternative rock, christian music, christian rock

Chords: D, D/F#, G, G/B, C, C/D
Let Your glory fly, let Your glory fly, let Your glory fly

D/F#              G
If my people will humbly pray
G/B                     C
Turn from sin and their wicked ways
D/F#                      G
Then I will hear them and heal their land
    G/B               C
And show my glory and power again

D                           C/D
Lift your eyes up, look to the sky
The Lord is coming, coming to America
D                      C/D
Can you feel the fire, can you see the wind
G                                                    D    C   G   C
It's blowing through, He's coming to America again

D/F#                            G
Go and tell them the blind will see
G/B                                 C
The lame will walk and the slave is free
D/F#                             G
Shout the news that the lost are saved
G/B                      C
In the name of Jesus the dead are raised 

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