Chris Tomlin - Alle Guitar Chords

Chris Tomlin

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Chords: E, C, B, A, C#m
Alle – Ross King, Chris Tomlin
Key E
Roadmap: V C I V C C (Vamp E (prayer)) C C

Intro: Vamp on E

Verse 1 

E          B           A            B 
May the  path that I walk be the path of righteousness 
           E        B               A 
May the words of my mouth give You praise 
        E                B     A            B 
May my heart be Your home and a place of  holiness 
A                  B 
I  worship You in love 
  A                  B 
I  lift You, lift You  up 

E          A 
Alle,  alleluia 
        C#m              B  (A) 
To the  Father, to the  Lord 
E          A 
Alle, alleluia 
       C#m          B     A) 
To the Savior, forevermore 

Instrumental (Vamp on E)

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