Chris Tomlin - All Bow Down Guitar Chords

Chris Tomlin

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Chords: B, E, A2
All Bow Down 
Chris Tomlin

B			 E
You're arriving with the sound of thunder and rain
You're arriving in the calm of the wind and the waves
You're arriving in the glow of a burning flame
A burning flame

Praise awaits You at the dawn when the world comes alive
Praise awaits You in the darkness and shines in the light
Praise awaits You with a song of love and desire
Love and desire

		A2		E		  
Here comes the King All bow down 
Lift up your voices Unto the Lamb
He is the King
	  E		 B
All bow down All bow down

You are coming again like a thief in the night
You are coming again with a shout from the sky
You are coming again to take away Your bride
To take away Your bride

B   A2   	      E
Yeah, You are the King (x2)


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