Chris Isaak - Round And Round Guitar Chords

Chris Isaak

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Chords: Fm, D
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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 14:46:57 -0600
From: "J.P." 
Subject: Round & Round By Chris Isaak

Song Title: Round & Round
Written By: Chris Isaak
>From The CD: San Francisco Days
Tabbed On: Gibson Les Paul
This File Tabbed & Arranged By: J.P. Seneviratne
Openers: Ok there really isn't alot of guitar work in this song except for the last little piece
	   which any guitarist worth their instrument could improvise so I won't even bother trying
	   to write all of it out. Really we don't even play the ending solo except when we feel 
         like going off into our own little world) So let us see what we can get into shall we?
Standard Tuning													   Blues

							Round & Round
					           As Preformed By:
                                  Chris Isaak & The Silvertones

Riff 1:
|---------| This riff right here is the whole song. This is the intro., the verses, and what seems
|---------| to be the chrous. Of course there are a few bits thrown in here and there to make the
|---------| song sound fuller which I will include below. The use of a dive bar on the bend really
|------7--| helps this piece out! Also please crank your distortion on this song.

Riff 2:
|---------------------------|----------------------| This piece is played after a verse usually!

So Basically the song goes a lil' something like this!

|--7----7--| Riff 1, 

Verse 1:
                        Riff 1                                   Riff 1
Here we go round & round       State your case and then sit down.
                            Riff 1                           Riff 2      Riff 1
Tell me why you want to go,        I don't love you anymore.

Verse 2:
                      Riff 1                                 Riff 1                              
Here you go mad again        Tell me that your just a friend.
                               Riff 1                                                 Riff 2
Tell me something I don't know         I don't love you anymore I don't love you anymore, yeah.

Fm           D
When I do go, I'll let you know.
It might hurt you, but I don't think so.

Follow the patterns above and you should start to feel the swing of it. Can you dig it?
					    I knew that you could!
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This file originated from "SilverTone Records" 
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