Chris Hillman - Restless Guitar Chords

Chris Hillman

country rock, folk, roots rock

Chords: G, Em, C, D, Cmaj7, B7, A7, Am, G7, A

G          Em      C                D
I'm restless  like every other man alive
          G      Em  C               D
I'm still restless   keeping myself alive
       Cmaj7               D          B7                   Em
As the world keeps closing in over my shoulders where I've been
        A7               Am                D
I'll be restless until I find it reach the end

Oh darling, won't you stand by me
And I walk through the years and share what's meant to be
We will never surrender we will never give in
Always forgiving, we'll be together until we finally reach the end

G               G7                 C                  A
I'm weary, I'm unable, sometimes I stumble and I'm unstable
        G  D       C            G
I carry on just to rest in your arms

I've been blessed with a good life giving more than I deserve
Did I really make a difference, have I lived every word
Of the dangers that rustle every line and every cur
Keeps me restless until I finally write a word

I'm in no hurry, got no worries, just try to be the best I can
I carry on just to rest in your arms

I carry on just to rest in your arms

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