Chris de Burgh - Perfect Day Guitar Chords

Chris de Burgh

mellow gold, soft rock

Chords: F, C, Gm, Bb, G, A, Dm
Chris de Burgh - Perfect Day
From the album: At the End of a Perfect Day (1977)
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Intro: F

F                                        C
 Oh Lord, I'm tired, it's time to go to bed,
F           C                Gm                C
 Way after midnight and the wine's gone to my head,
Bb            G                  C                Bb
 Lying here upon the shore just listening to the waves,
           F      Bb      C
 And it's been a perfect day.

F                                        C
 Packed up a picnic and set off for the sea,
F                C                Gm                C
 Taking all the back roads where no-one else would be,
Bb               G                    C                 Bb
 Me and you and Paul and Sue, how we laughed the time away,
         F     Bb      C
 And we had a perfect day. 

 I brought along my old guitar,
 And lying there beneath the stars,
     Dm           C                 Bb
 We sang all the Beatles songs we knew,
 Lord you should have heard those harmonies,
       C                             F C Bb F  F C Bb F  F C Bb F  F C Bb F
 When we did Nowhere Man and Let It Be... 

     F                                           C             
 My love, if we should break up, should we ever part,
             F                  C         Gm               C
 And you're searching for some memory to help your aching heart,
Bb                 G                   C            Bb
 Forget about the hurtful things that lovers often say,
        F           Bb      C
 And remember this perfect day. 

 Then people start coming around the fire,
 And I was strumming at my old guitar,
             Dm               C           Bb
 Trying to think of something everybody knew,
 And then you said "though it's far away,
      C                                 F  C Bb
 A Christmas song would really make my day."
               F   C  G C  F C  F C  G C  C G C
 And everbody sang... 

     Bb            G
 And all I really want to do,
     C              Bb
 Is sing songs for you,
            F      Bb      C
 Then it's been a perfect day,
           F      Bb      F
 Yes it's been a perfect day.

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