Chris de Burgh - Dont Pay The Ferryman Guitar Chords

Chris de Burgh

mellow gold, soft rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: D5, Em, G, D, C, C/B, Am, B, Cmaj7
Don't Pay the Ferryman   Chris de Burgh                                                                        

Em        Cmaj7       Em       Cmaj7   (single upward Strum on Each of first chords)

D5  Em       D5 Em

Em                         G
I was late at night on the open road
G               D          C
Speeding like a man on the run
  C        C/B   Am        G       D
A lifetime spent preparing for the journey
Em                       G
He is closer now, as the search is on
G              D          C
Reading from a map in the mind
C                 C/B             Am        G           D
Yes, there's that rugged hill and there's a boat on the river.
             Em              D
And when the rain came down,
           Em                D
He heard a wild dog howl.
           C             G
There were voices in the night. (don't do it)
C             G
Voices out of sight. (don't do it)
C                        B
Too many men have failed before whatever you do,

Em    D       Em
Don't pay the ferryman
Em    D    C           D
Don't even fix a price
Em    D       Em
Don't pay the ferryman
         C               D     Em
Until he gets you to the other side

Em    D     Em   D      Em

Em                        G
In the rolling mist as he gets on board
G                  D       C
Now there'll be no turning back
C           C/B        Am     G   D
Beware that hooded old man at the rudder
Em                                G
And the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled
    G               D      C
And people calling out his name
C           C/B        Am           G             D
And dancing bones that jabbered and moaned on the water.
             Em               D
And then the ferryman said
          Em                  D
"there is trouble ahead

C                  G
So you must pay me now" (don't do it)
C               G
You must pay me now (don't do it)
C                              B
And still that voice came from beyond:     whatever you do,


[Em D] Em  [Em D] Em

Em            Cmaj7   B



Em    D        D   Em Em Em
Don't pay...   The Ferry-man!

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