Chris Brown - Yeah 3X Guitar Chords

Chris Brown

dance pop, pop, pop rap, r&b

Song versions: 1 2 3 4
Chords: G, D, Am, C
G               D
Move your body out on the floor
Am                      C
Put your troubles aside and start living
G         D
Anybody, can't let go
Am                           C
Throw away all your problems 'cause right now it's party time

G            D
Girl, don't feel outta place
      Am         C
'Cause I, I'm in love with this feelin' now, now, ah
Am(single strum)
Hope that this will last a while
C(single Strum)
We should make it last a while

G                  D
You like to drink, so do we
Am              C
Get my bottles, bring 'um to me
G                     D
Hold your glasses up, people everywhere
Am                     C
Now everybody put your hands in the air
G      D     Am                  G      D    Am
Yeah, yeah, yeah, girl, I wanna, yeah, yeah, yeah
I wanna see you tonight, ooh, yeah
(repeat through rest of chorus)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, girl, I gotta, yeah, yeah, yeah
I gotta, I gotta, I wanna see you tonight
Oh, oh, oh, let me see your hands
Oh, oh, oh, tonight is the night

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