Chris Brown - She Aint You Guitar Chords

Chris Brown

dance pop, pop, pop rap, r&b

Chords: Gmaj7, A, Fmaj7, D, Em7
Chris Brown - She Ain't You

Tabbed by: Brandon Fukuda AKA dreamerscout

This song is pretty much based on the introduction to Michael Jackson's "Human Nature", 
but since I didn't see any tabs for this song, I figured I would help some beginners who 
want to play this exact song.

Tuning: Standard

Intro: Gmaj7, A, Fmaj7, D/Em7
Note: To really get the sound of the song, you might want to follow these exact chords:

Gmaj7    A      Fmaj7     D/Em7   Em7
2        5      0         X       X
3        5      1         3       3
4        6      2         4       0
4        7      2         0       2
X        7      X         5       2
3        5      1         X       X

Note: I use D/Em7 for the Intro and Chorus because I hear a B more on the open parts.  I 
don't know the specifics of the actual song, but that's what it sounds like to me.  Use 
Em7 if you hear differently.

Intro: Gmaj7, A, Fmaj7, D/Em7

She ain't you (Ad-libbing)

Verse 1: (Before verse) - Gmaj7

            A           Fmaj7
You make it hard for me,
           Em7       Gmaj7
To see somebody else.
I'm calling her your name,
Fmaj7             Em7
Yeah, it's messed up.
'Cause I'm thinkin' 'bout you,
It's your fault, babe.
                     Gmaj7    A
I never wanted us to break up,
No, not this way.
But you don't understand me girl.
When she touches me,
I'm wishing that they were your hands.
                                  Fmaj7    Em7
And when I'm with her, it's only 'bout the sex,
With you, I had a bad romance.
And if I could,
Just trade her in, I would.
'Cause nobody compares to ya,
No....  yeah!

Chorus 1: (Before verse) - Gmaj7

                 A          Fmaj7
I think I better let her go,
              Em7       Gmaj7
I can't leave you alone,
Every day that I'm with her,
Fmaj7         Em7  Gmaj7
All I want is you.
                   A          Fmaj7
I wanna leave, but I'm afraid,
                    Em7           Gmaj7
That you don't even feel the same,
          A            Fmaj7     Em7
And now I realize that she ain't you.

Oh.... (Ad-libbing)

(mute all strings and strum to the beat)
She ain't, no she ain't you!

Verse 2: Same as Verse 1

I've been sleeping out,
For quite some nights now,
It's not the same in my bed.
But if she found out,
What's going on in my head,
It'll be all bad, have me right back,
But you don't understand me, girl, ohohohhhhh...
When she touches me,
I'm wishing that they were your hands,
And when I'm with her, it's only bout the sex,
With you, I had a bad romance.
And if I could,
Just trade her in, I would.
Cause nobody compares to ya...  Nooo... yeah!

[Chorus 2]: Same as Chorus 1

[Bridge]: Gmaj7, A

No she a-ain't, she ain't you! (x8)

[Chorus 3]: Same as Chorus 1

She ain't, no she ain't you.

Fade out on Gmaj7-A.

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