Chicago - Make Me Smile Guitar Chords


album rock, art rock, classic rock, folk rock

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: C#m, A, E, G#sus4, G#, B, D
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Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 11:01:47 -0400
From: Augustine 
Subject: c/chicago/make_me_smile.crd

Make Me Smile

written by James Pankow
from the album "Chicago"
transcribed by Vance Augustine
additions, corrections, or comments welcome

C#m          A            E                   G#sus4  G#
Children play  in the park  they don't know

C#m      A          E               G#sus4  G#
I'm alone in the dark  even though

C#m       B        E      A          G#sus4
Time and time again I see your face

smilin' inside

   E             D   A    E                  D  A
     I'm so happy       that you love me

   E            D   A    E                    D  A
     life is lovely       when you're near me

    E        C#m                B                A
    Tell me you will stay     Make me smile

(verse 2)
Livin' life   is just a game  so they say
All the games we used to play  fade away
We may now enjoy the dreams we shared
so long ago

(Chorus 2)
Oh my darlin'  got to have you
feel the magic   when I hold you
Cry sweet tears of joy  touch the sky

(chorus 3)
Now I need you   more than ever
no more cryin'  we're together
Tell me you will stay   Make me smile

C#m    x35543
A      577655
E      x79997
G#sus4 464644
G#     466544
B      799877

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