Butch Walker - A Song For The Metalheads Guitar Chords

Chords: G, C, D, Em7, Bm
Capo 2 is how its played live, sounds fine in standard.

one nine six nine

Intro (x4): On the C lift your middle finger, or which ever is holding the E on the D string

          G      Em7                   C             D
press the tape recorder let's get this all down real fast
           G             Em7       C        D
before the insignificant thought goes by
        G       Em7                C             D
there's one more slow song left to write for the record
G            Em7         C     D
make all the metal heads cry

      G             Em7         C                D
throw rocks but not rocking and stand there just mocking
     G              Em7          C             D
with hands in their armpits that they'll later smell
         C           Bm               C               Em7 
when you live in the past there's one thing that will last
     C               D              G      G
it's resentment that time won't sit still


           G           Em7        C          D
the record business is fucked and it's kinda funny
      G          Em7        C     D
it'll separate a boy from a man
        G         Em7          C                D
you can buy every copy of your record with your money
    G        Em7       C    D
but you'd be your only fan

           G            Em7         C           D
if there's one thing my father said when he was younger
     G          Em7         C               D
to a kid with a mullet that looked like his son
   C           Bm         C          Em7
to want and to try is the difference why
     C      D                G        G
some people will walk and some run . . .thank you dad


        G           Em7           C               D
sharpen up all your pencils cause class will come early
        G           Em7              C        D
there's so much you thought that you knew
          G        Em7           C           D
while the b list celebrities all pay for the fame
        G              Em7         C     D
they'll soak up what's left of the pool

        G          Em7    C         D
while a kid in the corner becomes a savant
   G        Em7           C     D
no one will care til he's dead
      C              Bm                C        Em7
or he falls from his grace with it all over the place
      C           D            G      G
and a piece of it stuck in his head

Intro x4

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