Butch Walker - 1 Summer Jam Guitar Chords

Chords: G, B/G, C, Cm, Am, D
#1 Summer Jam
written by Butch Walker
tabbed by Balta  (www.baltamusic.com)

This song is great...there are still a few minor errors
i'll try to fix them as soon as I can...enjoy :D

Standard Tuning - E B G D A E

Capo on 4th fret - all notes relative to capo!

    G  B/G  C  Cm  Am   D   

G                 B/G              
Don't put another thing on my plate
    C                        Cm
my brain is so full of your face I ate
   G                           B/G                    C   Cm
I counted the hours since the minute that I drove by you

    Am       D                     Am                     D 
and I got a scar where you saw me don't think I see you around.

              G              B/G
So won't you come back sunday (come back sunday)
C                    Cm
everyday's a monday now that you're gone
G               B/G
come back sunday (come back sunday)
  C                         Cm
before I got a minute, the minute was gone
 Am                        B/G                        
think you kinda dug me but other guys(crowd surfers) up above me 
C                             Cm
trying to get to you cause I let you go
    G                           B/G 
and I like to think that I'm a pretty slick guy
     C                            Cm
but something in the sunlight beetween your thighs
G                          B/G                C    Cm
turned me into mush with a certified crush on you.

-----------------------------------------------------------------PRE-CHORUS 2
Am         D                    Am                   D
oh what a fool I must be you're so far away from my world


          Am            D
and it's never been so weird
   G                  C
to be at the bottom looking up
       Am                     D
and I went into this movie of blood and guts
         G                      C
thinking I was the shit, I was all grown up
       Am             B/G          C        
and I wondered if you wonder what we could be

Solo (same as Chorus)

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