Bush - Swim Guitar Chords


alternative metal, alternative rock, grunge, modern rock

Chords: C#, B, G, F#, Bb, A
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From: OllieOne@aol.com
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 01:37:29 -0400
Group: Bush
Song: Swim

transcribed by   |  Michael R. Oliver |

this is a pretty good song off the sixteen stone album.  it isn't that
hard to play but is really cool to play. here is my best try at it.

chords used for this song:

C# |--4--|  B |--2--|  G |--3--|  F# |--2--|  Bb |-----|  A |-----|
   |--4--|    |--2--|    |--3--|     |--2--|     |-----|    |-----|
   |--6--|    |--4--|    |--3--|     |--2--|     |-----|    |-----|
   |--6--|    |--4--|    |--5--|     |--4--|     |--8--|    |--7--|
   |--4--|    |--2--|    |--5--|     |--4--|     |--8--|    |--7--|
   |-----|    |-----|    |--3--|     |--2--|     |--6--|    |--5--|

these next chords, i don't know what they are called, so I will make
my own names for them (they are correct, i just don't know what they are

C#(I) |------|  B(I) |------|  G(I) |------|  F#(I) |------|
      |------|       |------|       |------|        |------|
      |--13--|       |--11--|       |------|        |------|
      |--11--|       |--9---|       |--12--|        |--11--|
      |------|       |------|       |--10--|        |--9---|
      |------|       |------|       |------|        |------|
guitar parts:
the verse very simply goes like this (this is also the first thing you
hear when you play the song.  At times the other guitar comes in and
plays the same chord at a different spot on the fretboard. when that
happens, then you play the C#(I), the B(I), the G(I), and the F#(I)
progression while another guitar just plays the regular verse riff.

verse riff: C#-B-G-F#
(you must play the C# and the C#(I), the B and the B(I), the G and the
G(I), and the F# and the F#(I) at the same time for the song to sound

when the other guitar comes in and plays the C#(I), the B(I) etc., you
could definately hear it in the begining and he plays this progression
at various places throughout the song.

the chorus is pretty easy, it goes like this

rythem fill #1:
at .23 seconds, .47 seconds, etc. the guitar plays this,
it just slides down from a G to an F#:
it goes:


**another part of the song that occurs at 3.01 seconds in the song has the
  following progression


the bass just plays the above progression (but if you wanted to you
could play along with the bass with an clean electric guitar).  A guitar
plays the below part a couple of times.

bass guitar:
this is played during the verse (when just the bass, drums and vocals are
going) and is played when the guitar plays the C#-B-G-F# progression


could not believe
came here today
helmet was on
you blew me away
house is on fire
we're naked again
maybe all we need
is water and friends

shackless and chains
won't keep me away
temple is you
and my brow is insane

i wanna be just like you
i wanna feel right through you
i wanna see just with you
i wanna live
i wanna die

thinning ice
14 hairdryers
swimming to you
flame on earth desire
poor on the rise
rich on the fall
the cripple's with you
fame is a whore

i wanna fit inside you
i wanna room inside you
if money talks i wanna buy you
i wanna die
i wanna die
i wanna live you

i'm not scared of you
gave up on drugs
if i make it through
the jaws of love
jaws of love

you give

if you have any suggestions, questions, additions, subtractions,
corrections, any good recipies for kiesch, requests, or you just
can't understand a thing i wrote, just e-mail me (OllieOne@aol.com)

p.s. download it and print it out in notepad in windows

oh......by the way, i have most of body figured out and most of monkey, i
should post them pretty soon.

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