Bridgit Mendler Guitar Chords

Bridgit Mendler


When Los Angeles-based musician, producer, and actress Bridgit Mendler stepped back into the studio for the first time in four years, she knew it was going to feel different. Heartbreak, self-discovery, and fresh musical inspiration set her on a new path “to make something raw – something genuine”. Entwining pop with hip-hop, alternative R&B, indie rock, and even dancehall, Bridgit Mendler has emerged with career-changing work. Her fall 2016 EP Nemesis features hit singles “Atlantis” featuring Kaiydo, and “Do You Miss Me At All.”

Upon seeing the celebration around her return to the studio, Bridgit resolved to release more music in 2017. “Temperamental Love,” her first single of the year, showcases a duet with Toronto-based rapper Devontée. Bridgit followed up the collaboration with “Can’t Bring This Down,” a pop-R&B track with up-and-coming hip-hop artist Pell that was added to numerous playlists including Spotify's New Music Friday in 11 different territories. Her latest single "Diving" with electronic duo RKCB peaked at #2 on HypeMachine and received placement on over 25 influential playlists.

Bridgit is the actress who took on pop music differently; her independent spirit lets her take the reins on who she works with and what they can create together. To be in her presence means to be welcomed with curiosity, care, and intellect, these characteristic traits make her appreciated and loved by both the TV and music communities.
Genres: dance pop, pop, post-teen pop, teen pop, viral pop

Guitar Chords:

5 15
5 15 (ver. 2)
All I See Is Gold
All I See Is Gold (ver. 2)
All I See Is Gold (ver. 3)
Atlantis (ver. 2)
Atlantis (ver. 3)
Blonde (ver. 2)
Cant Bring This Down
City Lights
City Lights (ver. 2)
Do You Miss Me At All
Do You Miss Me At All (ver. 2)
Forgot To Laugh
Forgot To Laugh (ver. 2)
Hang In There Baby
Hang In There Baby (ver. 2)
Hold On For Dear Love
Hold On For Dear Love (ver. 2)
Hold On For Dear Love (ver. 3)
Hold On For Dear Love (ver. 4)
How To Believe
How To Believe (ver. 2)
Hurricane (ver. 2)
Hurricane (ver. 3)
Hurricane (ver. 4)
Im Gonna Run To You
Im Gonna Run To You (ver. 2)
I Was A Fool
Locked Out Of Heaven
Love Will Tell Us Where To Go
Love Will Tell Us Where To Go (ver. 2)
Love Will Tell Us Where To Go (ver. 3)
More Than A Band
My Song For You
Postcard (ver. 2)
Ready Or Not
Ready Or Not (ver. 2)
Ready Or Not (ver. 3)
Ready Or Not (ver. 4)
Ready Or Not (ver. 5)
Ready Or Not (ver. 6)
Ready Or Not (ver. 7)
Rocks At My Window
Rocks At My Window (ver. 2)
Sing My Song For You
Sing My Song For You (ver. 2)
Snap My Fingers
Somebody (ver. 2)
Somebody (ver. 3)
The Fall Song
The Fall Song (ver. 2)
This Is My Paradise
Top Of The World
Turn Up The Music