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Brian Milson


Country's most enduring artists have always balanced a strong sense of self with broad appeal, even – maybe especially – those from Texas. Odessa's own Brian Milson is no exception.

In fact, he's modeled his career on many of them. Possessed of a supple baritone somewhere between Toby Keith and Chris Young, driven by a West Texas work ethic and recently aligned with several of Nashville's savviest star makers. "I love music," he says. "I love playing guitar and singing into that mic. I love when the music is so loud it hurts my ears. I love watching people sip a drink while they're listening, hopefully nodding along and on their way to singing along the next time I'm in town."

A passion instilled early in Brian's life that led him to become a performer. "I was pretty young, sitting on my dad's shoulders and listening to Huey Lewis & The News play 'Power Of Love' at my first concert. I decided right there I had to get that tape. From that point on, music was a true love. I even became an oldies freak listening to Motown, Sinatra and other things going back in time. I still love that stuff today."

Learning guitar came later and from a slightly different motivation. "A couple buddies were playing a gig and I noticed them getting a lot of attention from the females. I was a pretty shy guy and come from a very short line of musicians – me. So, I taught myself to play."

Check out Brian Milson's most recent release, his EP "I'd Have to Kiss Ya."

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Id Have To Kiss Ya