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Brain Damage


Brain Damage : 20 years of dub & experiments

With more than 14 albums and 700+ concerts behind him already, Martin Nathan ventures for 20 years now, into many artistic and stylistic experiments, under the name of Brain Damage, acclaimed as one of the founders of the French dub scene.

Over the years, it is also with his truly live and explosive performances, that Martin Nathan has grown a solid reputation throughout the international scene. In France, in the light of his experience and ability to continually renew his art, Brain Damage appears now as the link between the scene he contributed to establishing more than 20 years ago, and the new activists of a more synthetic & frontal dub. It is exceptionally rare to see an artist celebrating his 20th career anniversary, with so much vitality and creativity, and no need to call upon his own past. It rather increasingly appears that he doesn’t bar any risk-taking, always swimming against the tide, more groundbreaking than ever and paradoxically federative. Here definitely lays his signature and maybe the key to the project longevity.

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Genres: dub, electro dub, french reggae, uk dub

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