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Boz Scaggs


Most known for the world wide success of his chart toping albums and hits of the late 1970’s, Boz Scaggs is a Grammy winning, multi-genre artist, who has been making rhythm and blues, rock and roll, jazz and pop music for over 50 years.

William “Boz” Scaggs began playing rock and roll in high school with friend Steve Miller outside Dallas TX. They performed together as the Marksmen, and later in blues bands the Ardells and the Fabulous Knight Trains at University of Wisconsin. Scaggs left university and headed for Europe to pursue music full time. In 1967 he got a call from Miller asking him to please come to San Francisco, where the counterculture and music scene was booming. Scaggs became a member of the Steve Miller Band, but after recording the first two acclaimed albums with the group - Children of the Future and Sailor - Scaggs left for a solo career. With help from friend Jann Wenner, founder and publisher of Rolling Stone, Scaggs scored a contract with Atlantic Records. With Wenner as producer, the two decamped for legendary Music Shoals Sound Studio and made the 1969 acclaimed Boz Scaggs, featuring a young Duane Allman on the stand out “Loan Me A Dime”.

With the 1976 album Silk Degrees Scaggs achieved massive mainstream commercial success. That album peaked at No. 2 and spawned three hit singles, “Lido Shuffle”, “It’s Over”, and “Lowdown” which won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song of 1976. “We’re All Alone” would became a No. 1 hit for Rita Coolidge.
Genres: adult standards, album rock, art rock, classic rock, folk, folk rock, heartland rock, mellow gold, rock, roots rock, singer-songwriter, soft rock, southern rock

Guitar Chords:

Fly Like A Bird
Gone Baby Gone
Harbour Lights
Heart Of Mine
Heart Of Mine (ver. 2)
Heart Of Mine (ver. 3)
Hell To Pay
Here To Stay
High Sierra
Its Over
Jojo Live
Lido Shuffle
Lido Shuffle (ver. 2)
Loan Me A Dime
Look What Youve Done To Me
Look What Youve Done To Me (ver. 2)
Low Down
Miss Sun
Rainy Night In Georgia
The Captain Of Her Heart
Were All Alone
Were All Alone (ver. 2)
What Do You Want
You Got My Letter