Box Car Racer Guitar Chords

Box Car Racer


Serving as a side project for Blink 182 members Travis Barker and Thomas DeLonge, Boxcar Racer is a return to a more traditional punk sound. Adding guitarist David Kennedy and bassist Anthony Celestino, the group came together between Blink 182 sessions and recorded their eponymous album in the winter of 2001/2002. Cutting much of the pop from their usual sound and showing diverse influences like the Replacements and D.R.I., the band used it as a showcase for the material they wrote that wasn't Blink-friendly. ~ Bradley Torreano, Rovi
Genres: emo, pop punk, punk, skate punk

Guitar Chords:

All Systems Go
All Systems Go (ver. 2)
And I
And I (ver. 2)
Cat Like Thief
Elevator (ver. 2)
I Feel So
I Feel So (ver. 2)
I Feel So (ver. 3)
Letters To God
Letters To God (ver. 2)
Letters To God (ver. 3)
Letters To God (ver. 4)
Letters To God (ver. 5)
My First Punk Song
My First Punk Song (ver. 2)
Sorrow (ver. 2)
The End With You
There Is
There Is (ver. 2)
There Is (ver. 3)
There Is (ver. 4)
There Is (ver. 5)
There Is (ver. 6)
There Is (ver. 7)
Tiny Voices
Watch The World