Bobby Goldsboro - See The Funny Little Clown Guitar Chords

Bobby Goldsboro

adult standards, brill building pop, bubblegum pop, christmas

Chords: D, Bm, G, Gm, Gm7, D7, A, F#m
See The Funny Little Clown:Bobby Goldsboro.
#9 in 1964.
(Check video out on YouTube.)
           (Capo 2nd fret.)

D       Bm           D              Bm
See the funny little clown, see him laughing 
   D        Bm D Bm
as you walk by.
D    Bm               D               Bm
Everybody thinks he's happy cause you never 
      D           Bm  D Bm
see a tear in his eye.
G                 Gm       Gm7
No one knows he's one knows he's 
dying on the inside.
G                          D        D7
Cause he's laughing on the outside, mmmm..
G      A       G      D
No one one knows.

D       Bm           D           Bm       D
See the funny little clown, he's hiding behind 
  Bm    D Bm
A smile.
D                   Bm             D
They all think he's laughing but I know he's 
       Bm     D       Bm   D Bm
really crying all the while.
G                        Gm               Gm7
How his heart is aching, how his heart is breaking 
         D                   G               D        D7
on the inside...but he keeps laughing on the outside, mmmm..
G      A      G      D
No one knows, no one knows.

     G            Gm                       Gm7
This funny little clown, you never used to see him around,
                   D         Bm          D
without his girl beside him, to love and guide him.
  G                         Gm                       D
Until one day his girl just walked away, and to this very day..
G                          D
he says he never loved her anyway.
D7        G              A   F#m         Bm
Mmmm, and no one knows...ex..cept for me..
  G               A                     D   Bm D Bm
because, you see, I'm that funny little clown.

D       Bm           D
See the funny little clown.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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